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Professional Work



Creative Director and Co-Owner

Dreambender Studios is a 3D/Graphic Design company I developed in Largo Florida. 3DResidence is a product of Dreambender and is my own personal creation. A fully built website hosting 3D renders and a unique sales tool built to help individuals find the perfect floorplan within a real estate development. It also connects users to a sales team through the power of a custom built contact form.


Pluto: A Creative Content Place

3D Generalist – 2015/2016 Chevy.com videos

I contracted with Pluto Post Productions working on Chevrolet commercials with a team of 4 3D artists. The team was responsible for taking the Vehicle CAD data and organizing it for our own pipeline. Then using Pluto made and custom made Vray shaders we created the vehicle’s realistic look. Using the vehicle data in conjunction with Car Craft we animated vehicles on highways/parking lots. Each scene was prepared in 3DS Max, rendered in Vray. Post process grading done in Nuke and finished commercial cuts done in After Affects. I took part in all stages.

2015 Chevy Commercial Editing

Role: Prop model and Compositing for Ceiling

Created using: 3DSMAX

Rendered with: VRAY

Compositing: Nuke/After Effects

Ceiling Replacement

The commercials having already been shot. It was up to the team to take the already shot material and replace the ceiling in every shot with a new 3D ceiling. Each scene required a visually accurate rendering of the ceiling in the correct angle. Using imagery I created the model/lit the scene and rendered each angle as needed.

 2015 Chevy Cruze Safety Animation

Role: 3D Generalist/ Compositor

Created using: 3DSMAX with Chevy CAD data

Rendered with: VRAY

Compositing: Nuke/After Effects

Stablilitrak Shifter Sequence

I spent a few hours working to get a very customized metal stipple shown here. The normal and bump had to work properly with the reflections at just the right level of glossiness. highlighting edges is something that really brings out the dynamic feel that comes from many of these cars.


The Onstar Sequence

The OnStar sequence was one of the more simplistic sequences to put together. This scene however was changed as seeing to much through the rear view mirror presented issues and showing to much out of the windshield was also a challenge. The camera keeps a target focused on the On Star button as the scene talks about the features. a Zdefocus was applied in Nuke to achieve the depth of field effect.


Reverse Camera Scene

The scene shown here is generated from two seperate scenes. The interior scene showed a small bit of the bushes which needed to match up to the movement shown in the rear moving cameras. The second scene had exterior features of the Cruze and a customized camera to simulate the fish eye lenses used on the reverse camera. The movement going backward had to be very similar to the movement shown from the interior. This was more or less the challenge here.


 2016 Chevy Malibu Launch Animation

Role: 3D Generalist / Model Material Prep / Lighting/ Rendering

Created using: 3DSMAX with Chevy CAD data

Rendered with: VRAY

Compositing: Nuke/After Effects

Auto Stop Sequence

The lighting and effects in the Autostop sequence is unique in how the materials had to be made. While the animation is simple it required developing a hybrid Vray material to get the needle to glow and be transparent at the same time. It had to use custom reflection/refraction values to be accurate.


Scene Construction

I joined the team as a 3D modeller for game design. my experience came in handy building props for the vehicle scenes. The bridge in the scene was built by me. I also handled receiving the initial CAD data from Chevy and working with the Chevy team to build the proper materials for the Malibu as well as several of the other vehicles.


 2015 Chevy Cruze Fuel Economy Animation

Role: 3D Generalist/ Compositor

Created using: 3DSMAX with Chevy CAD data

Rendered with: VRAY

Compositing: Nuke/After Effects

Three Cruze Drive Sequence

This sequence was a very complicated scene to render. A unique camera movement was developed and lighting for 3 vehicles at the same time had to be considered. Depth of field had to be considered for 3 vehicles while keeping the background out of focus.

The Underbody Slide

The under body shot of the Cruze was a fun shot. The camera movement required a tricky shift from a tight 100mm lens to a wide angle 24mm lens while moving quickly under the body of the car. I set up the camera movement and lighting for the scene.


 2015 Chevy Traverse Safety Animation

Role: 3D Generalist/ Texture artist/Compositor

Created using: 3DSMAX with Chevy CAD data

Rendered with: VRAY

Compositing: Nuke/After Effects

Airbag Slide

Getting a close up leather texture was the goal here. Some of the threading on the seat had to be recreated using a spline. Lighting on the seat was tricky as this particular angle would normally be blocked by the front driver side column.

The Onstar Sequence

The Onstar shot for Traverse should not have been a problem but the CAD data for this shot broke and the entire rear view mirror had to be recreated for the shot. Using the broken CAD data I had to sculpt a similar object and upwrap it for the stipple texture.


 2015 Chevy Malibu Features Animation

Role: 3D Generalist/ Compositor

Created using: 3DSMAX with Chevy CAD data

Rendered with: VRAY

Compositing: Nuke/After Effects

Tail Light Shot

The Tail Light shot shown was an interesting shot. The vehicle uses LED lights instead of one single light source. Each LED fires at the same time when the brake lights go off. As the car stopped the lights had to correspond to the movement shown in the reflections as well.

The Features Panel

This shot was interesting as the shaped in between the knobs and switches had a unique blue glow to it. This was an incredible challenge to create a unique glowing material that faded off using a Falloff map + UVW Plane map + Fresnel reflections all in one.


Marketing Associates

Lead 3D Artist – 2015 Transit/Transit Connect Configurator

I was hired on by Marketing Associates to help produce the Configurator. It is a web based tool that combines 3D renders of most of the Ford Transit/Transit Connect vehicles. The system was meant as a drag and drop product ordering system with a 3D visual style. Every product was prepared in 3D and rendered out.


Pixo Entertainment

 Rotoscoping/ 2D Animation/ 3D Artist

During my time working at Pixo Entertainment I worked on 6 different Motion comics each with wildly different styles. Each motion comic involved me cutting out character and environments from a comic book panel in Photoshop. Each panel needed to be well organised and set up to pass off to an animator. After rotoscoping nearly 400 panels I joined the animation team in finishing off the animated panels for the finished product. Several samples shown in my demo reel show scenes that I did the rotoscoping for as well as animated.

Motion Comics/Graphics


Motion Comics/Graphics Showreel


I joined the Pixo team to create 3D Models of various conceptual vehicles and buildings. Using a steam punk style the game had a great art direction!

I worked as one of the level designers for Zorro. I used 3DS Max to create full environments using texture atlases and keeping model density to a minimum so it would run best on a mobile device on the market.

I worked on the Mycharge commercial by taking the Mycharge CAD data and recreating the entire model so it could animate.

Anthem is a post apocalyptic CGI film concept Pixo was engaged for. We worked together to produce high end models for each of the scenes.

Personal Work

 3D Environment Artist

My major study in college was 3D Environment art. I loved working on video game environments that are vast and epic. This brought me to seek out interesting worlds I could model and construct. Here is a few sample projects I have done over the years.

University of Michigan Hutchins Hall

The U of M Law Quad is one of my favorite places. I found the building while teaching for ID Tech camps on the U of M Campus. I decided I would model the building because it was an amazing building but it also contains a great deal of symmetry within it. Creating the final model was much easier when only small sections were made an replicated.


The Martha Cook Doorway

The Martha Cook Doorway was another challenge project for me. There is a great deal of detail on the door itself but it combined making a statue and working with symmetrical door shapes.


The Old House


One of my favorite projects to work on was the Anthem project at Pixo. I used some of the models and spruced them up to be a better show piece. After workin with some of the awesome features of After Effects and Nuke at Pluto I decided to really kick up my portfolio to a new level.


UDK - Chemical Factory

The Chemical Plant level is a fully functional built UDK world constructed from the ground up. This meant developing my own models, custom textures and level layout. I decided to delve into some of the more unique aspects of UDK with custom emitters, advanced multi-layer textures, animated lights and using custom sound emitters as well. The level consists of multiple rooms of which most have 3 ways to get into them for maximum FPS multiplayer combat strategy. The level also makes use of UDK’s breakable walls, Post processing zones as well as sound modding in zones as well. Each room has its own unique feel.


Kit Rae Blade Models

Kit Rae makes beautiful blades. Some of the original blades I owned. These are a few of the specific blades I own and created in 3D. The models are all done using Zbrush and converted to be used as in game models.

exorcistFinal copy

Eve Online Competition Models

Eve Online held a competition to design a ship that would be put into the game. These are my two entries into the competition. While they were not the winning picks they are both within the top 100 of 3000+ entries


Alan Jacobson Photography

While working in Detroit I started a side business creating artistic Photography and selling it in various malls and art shows. I studied HDR Photography and using my skills in 3D to bring interesting styles to the artwork.


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