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Personal Work

Kit Rae – Models

Blades based on real life weapons created from Kit – Rae’s original sword collection.  Each of these models were created originally as game assets. The models were created in quarters. As each side is symmetrical of one another. This allowed for the texture maps to be used 4 times on the same model thus allowing for maximum texture usage on a high or low polygon model. The models were created as base meshes and imported into Zbrush for a detail sculpt. After returning to Max the models were reduced in poly counts and normal maps applied from Zbrush sculpt detail.

  Sword-Of-Darknessmodel Valdris Render lrg MorthosethBlade

Environment Modelling

As I have always had an interest in older architecture I decided to apply that interest in creating some real props to prove it. The UofM campus is a great location to find excellent architecture. The Hutchins Hall and Martha Cook buildings are two great examples. Each of them were photographed and modeled to detail for a realistic feel. Materials were crafted in Vray to replicate real stone using textures and normal maps. The stone walls show significant age of the buildings. During my time at Pixofactor I worked on a short called Anthem where I was assigned the task of created multiple realistic props for the short. I brought a few of those props into Vray and brought out the beauty in all of them.

  MarthaDoorway1 HourglassScene

Product Rendering Specialist

2015 videos

Pluto: A Creative Content Place

After my work with MA I moved to work with Pluto Post Productions working on Chevrolet commercials with a team of 4 3D artists. The team was responsible for taking the Vehicle CAD data and organizing it for our own pipeline. Then using Pluto made and custom made Vray shaders to create the vehicles look. Using the vehicle data in conjunction with Car Craft we animated vehicles on highways/parking lots. Each scene would be prepared in 3DS Max, rendered in Vray. Post process grading done in Nuke and finished commercial cuts done in After Affects. I took part in all stages.


Ford 2015 Transit/Transit Connect Configurator

I worked for multiple teams including Marketing Associates and Pluto Post on various Automotive projects. One of them was the Ford Transit/Transit Connect configurator. I was hired to sort through CAD data and use it with Vray to render vehicle data as well as products that go into the vans themselves.

Motion Comics

 Rotoscoping/ 2D Animation/ 3D Artist – Pixofactor Entertainment

During my time working at Pixo Entertainment I worked on 6 different Motion comics each with wildly different styles. Each motion comic involved me cutting out character and environments from a comic book panel in Photoshop. Each panel needed to be well organised and set up to pass off to an animator. After rotoscoping nearly 400 panels I joined the animation team in finishing off the animated panels for the finished product. Several samples shown in my demo reel show scenes that I did the rotoscoping for as well as animated.


UDK Chemical Plant level

Personal Project

The Chemical Plant level is a fully functional built UDK world constructed from the ground up. This meant developing my own models, custom textures and level layout. I decided to delve into some of the more unique aspects of UDK with custom emitters, advanced multi-layer textures, animated lights and using custom sound emitters as well. The level consists of multiple rooms of which most have 3 ways to get into them for maximum FPS multiplayer combat strategy. The level also makes use of UDK’s breakable walls, Post processing zones as well as sound modding in zones as well. Each room has its own unique feel.


Other Models

Gaslight – Iphone/Android App – 3D Modeller for Pixofactor Entertainment

 GASLIGHTWQindmill GaslightTaxblimp GaslightIronVaguard

Conceptual Drawing

  harman-cocept-art2Metropolis-concept harman-cocept-art3

Concept Design


Other Great Artists

Dominic Chiudioni – Audio Wizard, Business Tycoon

Fawzi Yahya – 3D animator, Videographer, Photographer

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