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Art and Story by: Liquid Comics
Rotoscoping and Animation: Pixo Entertainment

My Role: Rotoscoping and Animation
7 Brothers was the first motion comic I took part in. It was my role to take the individual panels of the comic book and cut them up in Photoshop and prepare them for the animation team. I did the rotoscoping for 130 of the panels and as I became more skilled at rotoscoping I began to take on animation and figure out how to set up the files in the best possible way.

Episode 1: That’s What’s Going to Save the World

Episode 2: And Then there were Seven

Episode 3: Enter the ‘Son of Hell’

Episode 4: Believer & Badass MF’ers

Episode 5: Chopsticks

Episode 6: Hell is Cold

Episode 7: Your Ancestor Killed Ninja for Me

Episode 8: Dragon Lines

Episode 9: Seven Coffins

Episode 10: Face-Off

Episode 11: The Dead Must Rise

Episode 12: Hell on Earth

Episode 13: Dragonfire