At Pluto I assisted the team in completing several specific safety and fuel economy videos for the 2015 car lineup. Chevy Cruze is one of many video sequences I worked on. The Cruze Safety features video featured a few custom materials I generated, My own lighting scheme on particular shots and animated camera angles as well as animated vehicle movements using the Car Craft rigging system in 3DS Max

Stablilitrak Shifter Sequence

I spent a few hours working to get a very customized metal stipple shown here. The normal and bump had to work properly with the reflections at just the right level of glossiness. highlighting edges is something that really brings out the dynamic feel that comes from many of these cars.

Reverse Camera Scene

The scene shown here is generated from two seperate scenes. The interior scene showed a small bit of the bushes which needed to match up to the movement shown in the rear moving cameras. The second scene had exterior features of the Cruze and a customized camera to simulate the fish eye lenses used on the reverse camera. The movement going backward had to be very similar to the movement shown from the interior. This was more or less the challenge here.

The Onstar Sequence

The OnStar sequence was one of the more simplistic sequences to put together. This scene however was changed as seeing to much through the rear view mirror presented issues and showing to much out of the windshield was also a challenge. The camera keeps a target focused on the On Star button as the scene talks about the features. a Zdefocus was applied in Nuke to achieve the depth of field effect.