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I am a Freelance 3D/2D artist and overall generalist. I have experience working in 3D creating models from scratch for high end development such as CGI movies and commercials down to mobile game light weight 3D models. Over the years I have specialized in keeping my process as efficient as I can.

Ive worked for several companies as a contractor for specific projects. My experience started in video games as an environment artist producing 3D golf courses for Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons but eventually was creating model and texture atlases for mobile games.

Beyond my game development experience I worked as part of the Motion Comic team. This involved breaking down comic book panels into individual PSD’s and preparing the files for animators to work with. After working on 500+ PSD frames and 6 motion comics I also helped out with the animation process. This involved using After Effects and importing PSD files to work with. Animated files would use multiple techniques to do animation including the use of IK bone rigs, mouth shape layering, facial animations using liquify, parenting character body parts together and more.

After my experience in Motion comics and video game 3D I worked for Marketing Associates on a big project for Ford called the Configurator. This project involved me generating thousands of images from 3D CAD data. This included working with automotive CAD files and CAD data for various shelving units and accessories for the vehicles. It was my job to render out imagery, color correct and create web safe versions for the website.

Pluto has been my most recent venture in 3D. I worked on several Chevy vehicle safety videos. This was a start to finish process where I would recieve and interpret 3D CAD data and prepare files to be animated. I also helped build environments, set up cameras and light the scenes. After those parts were done we would take the EXR Image sequences rendered from the render farm and process them through Nuke and finally comped together in After Effects.

Overall I have had a pretty well rounded amount of experience and am always open to new projects and ideas. Feel free to give me a call or email me on a project idea or interest in future work!

Professional Work


3DResidence – Oct 25 – Current

Co-Founder and CEO – Primary creative

3D Residence is my creative child. I created the company and brand. The product and imagery for the site as well as all advertising materials. The website is a functional business for helping people who are buying/selling property on the Florida housing market. I do the photography and create 3D models of homes to help showcase the homes layout for new home buyers.

Sortimo by Knapheide – Freelance

3D Vray rendering specialist – Sortimo Catalog Renders

Sortimo by Knapheide hired me as a contract freelancer to help in rendering. Rendering on various truck parts using 3D CAD data. I was appointed to make excellent quality renders for the Sortimo by Knaphiede Catalog featured at.

Pluto Post Productions – Aug 2014 –  May 2015

3D Vray rendering specialist – Videos

With Pluto I have been working on 3D content for various Chevy vehicles. It is my job to work with 3D data and use Vray to apply materials as well as organize the heavy car files. I perform repairs to geometry when the needs arises and specialize in making materials resemble something as close to realistic as possible. I assist in the previs and animation associated with video production. Rigging cars with Car Craft rigging software and also creating global illumination lighting with HDRI maps and standard lights. I have also assisted in modeling environments for various video sequences as well.

Marketing Associates – Aug 2012 – Nov 2014

Lead 3D Artist – Product rendering specialist

Convert CAD data from Ford and Ford Affiliates for use in 3DS Max. I used Vray for rendering hero shots of vehicles and various interior system setups for products being sold within the Ford Transit. I was responsible for creating 3D rotations of multiple products as well as creating showcase shots of multiple products featured in the configurator.

Creative Solutions Group – Freelance

 3D rendering and Design Consultant

Responsible for helping develop and design a layout in 3D for a vehicle showroom floor layout. I worked with a team of artists to develop a short video to showcase a fly through of the show room layout. I worked with CAD models and converted multiple different 3D model types to work in 3DS Max. Because of time restrictions I looked into and worked with a render farm to complete the project.

Pixo Entertainment

3D Environment Artist/2D Rotoscoper/ Motion Comic Animator

Working as an Environment artist starting off. I worked closely with a small team taking on multiple roles. Initially developing Environments for a Wii Golf game which did not release to creating efficient texture atlases for multiple Iphone/Droid titles as well as some high end 3D for an unreleased CG trailer. During my late time at Pixo I worked on Photoshop Rotoscoping and animation for multiple 3D and 2D motion comics.

Teaching Experience

IADT – The International Academy of Design and Technology

Adjunct 3D Game development Instructor

Taught a single course on 3D modelling for games. Helped prepare students with knowledge regarding proper modeling techniques as well as using high and low polygon methods in combination with Photoshop and multiple additional programs that help in the process of modeling objects quickly and efficiently.

Baker College of Auburn Hills

3D modeling and Animation Adjunct Instructor

At Baker I worked with 2 different classes. One class consisted of a basic computer animation learning course. Students learned basic modeling skills and animation basics for the class. During my second term at the school I taught a class on Gamemaker followed by UDK and UT3.

ID Tech Camps

Camp Counselor – Game Engine Instructor – UT3, Fusion

Responsible at times for up to 40 kids ages 8-18. Responsible for planning events and organizing games for the kids to play outdoors. Courses lasted 1 week and revolved around teaching the basics of game design in terms of level creation and overall concepting functionality while creating a fun environment for kids to learn.

Software Packages


3D Studio Max 2017

Expert, versed in high and low polygon methods, working with normal mapping, symmetrical and efficient model construction. Worked with high end game models exporting and importing between Maya, multiple CAD models, and working between game engines like UDK and Unity Pro


Expert 3DS Vray artist. I have used Vray for still shots and video. Fully capable of working with animated lights, various lighting techniques and multiple custom shaders and self produced shaders. Experienced in creating fast renders with good quality settings.

Adobe Photoshop CC

Expert, versed in usage for HDR image processing, texture creation, graphical interface construction. Print and web export. Skilled in photo manipulation and doctoring as well as post process clean up. Capable of working with a tablet drawing my own personal styles, matching styles, or coming up with digital styles and concepts.

Nuke 8

Advanced Nuke user. Worked with Open EXR sequences using multiple alpha channels for grading and file cleanup. Worked with heavy files and organizing files to pass between team members for final export.

Adobe After Effects

Expert – well versed in editing and building and cutting videos. I have worked with 3D functionality, 3D cameras, 3D objects in space. With my work on Motion comics I get experienced with using IK Rigs within After Effects, layer comps from Photoshop. Using multiple effects to produce 3D motion with 2D objects. Special Effects with explosions, smoke, fire, ambiance, lighting effects, skeletal layering and grouping with custom pivot points.

Unreal 4

Intermediate – I have been working on importing and exporting content between 3DS Max and Unreal 4 for use in automotive CAD and level development for mobile and PC platforms.


Advanced – specialized in level design and efficiently building levels using 3DS Max in combination. Utilizing the texture and material engine with Kismet and creating multiple emitters using Cascade. I created multiple full scale levels using sound reverb volumes, post processing volumes, and ambient sound emitters to help sell the player in the environment they were in.


Experienced in high polygon sculpting. importing low poly unwrapped models from 3DS Max to Zbrush and sculpting details for a high polygon render.

Secondary Software Skills:

WordPress, Adobe Premier, Adobe Illustrator, Unity Pro, RealFlow, Photomatix Pro, Canon DSLR Cameras